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We offer a range of services for your business. We can run day to day networking operations or provide a one time service where we investigate and make recommendations.

ZeroShell Services and Consulting

ZeroShell has everything you need out of the box. Now all you need to know is how to use each feature. Standard Linux packages, including DNS, kerberos, radius, QoS, catpure portal and more. I have been building firewalls with Linux since 2002 - This is a great product.

Backup Solutions

Having a backup of your data at a geographically different location is important. We can work with you to set up a backup schedule that will fit your companies specific schedule. In case of disaster, you'll have a recent backup in a safe location ready to go.

Website Design

Every company needs a presence on the Web. Have us design a professional looking website to your specifications. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), we keep 90% of the formatting separate from the actual content. Changing the look and feel of the website is as simple as changing the style sheet.

Technical Support

We have the answers you need - specializing in Linux & Unix, Cisco, MacOS, and, of course, Windows. Our top experts have 10-20+ years experience in the IT industry, each with extensive overlapping expertise in various versions of Unix with varying client computer concentrations: PC, Macintosh and Unix.

Network Design

Need a secure, reliable, scalable, and available network? We design networks with security as top priority, since your company data is only as secure as your network. Reliability, scalability, and availability are also primary goals of any network we work on.


Each day, it seems, a new "improved" version of an old virus, worm or trojan horse is released. Does your network get this kind of attention? A layered system of firewalling, network standards and rules must be used to create many lines of defense the last of which is virus protection.

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