Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing: Our Content Managment System makes keeping your website up-to-date easy. It separates Design, SEO and Content so each user can change what they need while improving your page rank.

Does anyone use a phonebook?

• Customers use web search 10 times more than phone books.

• One time optimization pays you back for years.

• No huge annual fees.

Google AdWords Management

Let us manage your Google AdWords. We optimize and continue to analyze your Ads, Keywords and make sure you pay the lowest cost per click and get the best Ad placement.

Success Stories

Excuria Salon and Med Spa

No AdWords : Google Base/ Google Products and just good reference. Try a search for “Redken Buffalo”, “Oribe Buffalo”. Local Web Rank Domination: “Day Spa Buffalo”, “Med Spa Buffalo”

Branches of Niagara Campground & Resort

New business a very old, and numerous competitive sites for “Niagara Falls Camping”. AdWords Management while keyword optimization matures and establishes rank. 2nd Page after 6 months. Fully booked Deluxe Cabin for 2010 Season and booking into 2010.

The base2co CMS

Designed to isolate changes to your web site so that the Web Designer, Search Engine Optimizer and the Site Owner can all make changes to the web site without “breaking” eachother’s work.

For Site Owners

Easily enter new items on a page. Write and publish news articles, change your hours, phone number, quickly without making it a project.

Blogs and Facebook

This system is specifically designed under News feed RSS 2.0 model. Each page is a Channel with news items. You can show publication date and sorting will be newest to oldest. the Sort value will allow you to override this and “Pin” items to the top of the page and group them.

All pages may be accessed as xhtml and rss. This allows you to view any page in a news reader. Facebook allows you to supply 1 Feed to your Fan page which will add new Facebook notes everytime you update your Blog here. How To Feed Facebook PDF

For Web Designers

Most design is handled in stylesheets (CSS). Extensive control of style and block elements for content is given to the designer. Formatting content in HTML should be limited. There are extensive notes in the samples provided to help.

  1. Use or another tool like it to define the format a page template in css.
  2. Copy your settings into your sites base CSS.
  3. Match the Default Locations, in the Settings to your div styles.
  4. Set the items on each page to be located in the divs by these Locations on each page


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