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I was trained in manual paste up working part-time for Relsco Printing on Grand Island, while attending Canisius College in the 1980s. I kept up with graphic design helping out with Mac support while working for 4 years at the Tops headquarters until 1989. There I was writing software and working in Unix. I finished that out as the Technical support supervisor maintaining the servers and equipment at all the Top's stores.

I met Bob Rosenberry and an old friend Scott Russell and got back into Desktop Publishing with them for a bit and then founded Base 2 Systems late in the year 1989. In 1991 I then moved into the IT and software development world in the Third Party Warehouse business with Sonwil Distribution as a primary client. The price per hour for IT work rose where graphic design did not. So I abandoned Desktop Publishing by 1995 except for in-house work. I founded Base 2 Companies, Inc. in February of 1992 and stopped operating Base 2 Systems and Base 2 Graphics.

At that time SCO Unix was the OS of choice for small business. Comparing it to the latest CentOS 6.2 release is almost unfair. While developing software and wishing for a simple GUI interface we got the internet. I quickly changed all GUI development to web based interfaces and started working on Sun and Cisco equipment.

Since then I have continued to develop SEO CMS software, which I began in 2002. I focused on making the process of Web Site Management easy. Using Pure CSS web design makes content changes simple for everyone and leaves the design to the graphic designer. Managing links and titles, keywords is streamlined so the average user can add SEO links without knowing Optimization rules.

One of my oldest and best ranked customers is Excuria Salon and Med Spa uses Zen Cart combined with highly optimized product pages makes their site unbeatable for local search results

Linux for business had been our business since 1999 when we started moving customers off SCO Unix. Sizing servers and utilizing redundancy we eliminated midnight trips to server rooms by building all services with redundancy. I still use UltraMonkey load balancing and clustering in our production environment today.

I design, develop and implement Linux clusters to create highly available, extremely scalable, secure systems and server clusters. In the early 2000's we did this for Marketing Technology Concepts, Inc., a large national incentive program provider. Because of the flexibility and scalability of this design MTC was able to easily move their production environment 4 times in 10 years. Saving money and improving services each time.

Software development has been driven by the ad-hoc needs of many warehousing operations where costs are driven by customer service. Our team worked with Unix systems and distributed data processing since the mid 1980's creating software that drives productivity and creates competitive advantages.

At the end of 2010 I closed the corporation. I began working at ATTO Technology in May of 2011. It is very nice to be able to focus on the tasks I love while minimizing administrative tasks. I met Tim Klien back in the days of desktop publishing with Bob and Scott and have watched them create amazing products that were always beyond the scope of my customer's needs. Now I get to play with the fastest hardware in the world -- it's very fun. It gives me great pride to work with such a high tech group right here in Buffalo.

I still do some projects on the side, however, my time is quite limited. I have found some people to help on a contract basis and I am always looking for graphic designers to use the CMS with their customers. I have lately been playing more with AJAX, JavaScript and the YUI carousel controls. Check out the news page for more.

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Note for other Joe Buscaglia's: Contact me if you need some changes in our common search results. I have not checked it out recently but I can't even imagine Google getting it right.

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