Technical Support

Our technical staff with over 25 years of industry experience are ready to help you with your IT problems. Specializing in Unix, Linux, and MacOS X, we can diagnose problems and offer a viable solution.

Technical support is more than solving problems as they occur, it's also about coming up with solutions to business goals. You have a business goal, but don't know what technology would be best at accomplishing that goal? No problem, we can provide you with a set of solutions that will fit in with your current system.

Our emphasis is on security, so you can be assured that not only will out solution be cost effective and efficient, but it will be secure as well.


Technical support runs at $125.00 per hour when "on call". For our regular customers, lower rates can be negotiated. Blocks of ten (10) hours of technical support can be purchased at $750, a significant savings.

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