Accuplus® automation software

All our automation software has been extensively tested on Accuplus® systems since 1995. We have been working with Accuplus® since 1991 at Sonwil Distribution Center in Buffalo, NY.

Secure controlled web access to Accuplus® reports

A secure web front end for Accuplus®. Allows users to run reports and view them securely on the web. Secure C3pl was originally designed for Interstate Warehousing in 1999. It has been significantly upgraded since then. It ran in our server cluster - used by Sonwil and their customers through much of the last ten years.

It uses tcl/tk mysql and an apache web server to allow customer and user level access to be configured to view standard Accuplus reports. Contact us for more information.

Accuplus® Data Extraction Scripts

An integral part of Secure C3pl now available as a separate package. A collection of scripts that extract data from Accuplus® to tab separated text files. C binaries that whittle down data extremely fast make this tool a "must have". Sample SQL Table definitions and database diagram are included.


The module for Accuplus® users who want to automate traditional EDI and direct reports where they need to go. Boomi users can also take advantage of the automated printing.

EDI Wizard

The tracking software to organize and control EDI transactions. Extensive performance monitoring and alerts for any EDI system.

SCO Unix Users

Tools for you are here - SSH is now available to allow you secure telnet access to your system from the internet. Better yet, convert to Linux and give your self a big boost in system flexibility, security, and more. Eliminate costly licenses, take advantage of high availability - the list is endless. While SCO provides these things Linux has far outpaced it in availability of tools.

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