Secure C3pl

A secure web front end for third party logistics and warehouse operations. Secure C3pl is an open framework for delivering any type of document based on a user customer, warehouse, and menu option relationship. Options are the web forms and cgi that handle the retrieval and formating of documents. Secure C3pl was originally designed for Interstate Warehousing in 1999. It has been significantly upgraded since then and was running at Sonwil Distribution Center and other warehouses through the mid 2000s. The code is all still available as Open Source.

The Software is Free!

Secure C3pl uses Mysql, PHP, tcl, expect, ssh - All open source projects. Contact us to get a copy.

Use It as a Service

Get your customers up quickly - We can host your C3pl site in our high availability server cluster in less than a day. Contact us for pricing and options.

Look and Feel - Yours to Change

We have separated the look and feel of the site from the code itself. All pages use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to handle 90% of the page format. Download the CSS here, with sample pages and try a tool like StyleMaster to customize your site now.

Accuplus® Specifics

Customers, warehouses, products, shipped orders, consignees and inventory quantities are maintained in a MySQL database. All tables are updated daily (or as needed) orders and inventory quantities are updated as scheduled - usually every 15-30 minutes during operational business hours. Secure C3pl utilizes your existing Accuplus® license.

Secure Shell

Reports are retrieved and compressed via ssh and stored in a database for later review, printing, download or e-mail. Delivery is now Extremely fast because your browser decompresses on the fly without any extra configuration.

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