Automate Accuplus® with AutoEDI™

In production since 1995 our automation functions are guaranteed† to work with Accuplus® 1.9.0 - 1.9.5. Inquire with us for systems using 1.9.6. There is normally few if any changes required when Accuplus® is upgraded.

Saves Time, Money and Improves the performance of your software!

• automates repetitive tasks

• improves accuracy

• allows off-peak process scheduling

• provides critical progress reports and prints automatically

• routinely purges aged files

• built-in defenses lock out undesired interruptions

• announces the arrival of all transactions

†Any support hours required to identify and fix errors will be free of charge ONLY IF the problem is found to be caused by flaws in our code. Our scripts run Accuplus® just like a real user. Direct manipulation of Accuplus® data files never occurs. LDS, Inc. has not done any testing with this product to verify it works with Accuplus®.

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