EDI Wizard™

...means critical EDI information at your fingertips

Built for EDI system administrators on Unix systems, EDI Wizard™ is a universal high-performance, low overhead tool which makes your job easier by automatically tracking EDI data flow and transaction times. From initial delivery to functional acknowledgment you are covered.

Saves Time and Money

Up and running in a matter of hours you are benefiting from cutting edge software fast. EDI Wizard™ lets you redirect limited man-hours to other vital areas. Conservative estimates report savings from 3 to 5 man-hours per support incident.

Identifies Problems Instantly

EDI Wizard™ also functions as an early detection warning system by monitoring EDI processes and instantly reporting incidents. EDI Wizard™ communicates with you through Email. Adjustable threshold parameters allow you to customize your EDI Wizard™ software on a per trading partner basis.

Improves Productivity

Through better organization, consolidation and simplification, EDI Wizard™ improves the productivity of your system, your people, your trading partners and yourself. From web browser accessibility and user performance monitoring to easy trading partner set-up and maintenance, EDI Wizard™ gives you a boost.


• Linux/SCO Unix

• Perl 5

• expect

• tcl/tk

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