SCO Unix

Available Tools

There are several tools and options available for SCO Unix users.

SKUNKWARE - Skunkware is a collection of useful software for the SCO platform. For a complete list of the software included in Skunkware take a look at the component list.

MySQL - By importing your Accuplus® data into MySQL, you can create your own custom tables and relationships. Then, using MyODBC, you can connect with Excel or Access to create custom reports and spreadsheets.

Secure Shell (SSH) - SSH is an alternative to using telnet, rlogin, or ftp. Unlike those protocols, SSH encrypts the passwords being sent during login. Not only are passwords sent encrypted, but all data transmitted is encrypted as well, making SSH a better option for transferring sensitive corporate data.

Rsync- the RSYNC command can be used instead of the SCP command to copy files from one host to another. What makes is powerful is that updates files that already exist while only transferring those differences. RSYNC makes an excellent local and off-site backup tool. Rsync can operate over a secure shell (SSH) connection, making it perfect for internet exposed data transfer. See: Security

base2co-lpd - pipe file printer tool


The biggest security risk for your SCO Accuplus® server are the passwords your employees are using. It is important to have a password policy in place so that your data is not compromised. We highly recommend secure shell (ssh) be used instead of telnet. Telnet, ftp, httpd are unencrypted - logins, passwords, data, are all sent in clear text. Secure shell provides encryption for all this and more.

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