Is your Accuplus® Server Secure?

You have a firewall but still ... are you secure?

First Determine:

Do you have PASSWORDS and DATA being sent in CLEAR TEXT across the INTERNET?

Your network is INSECURE if:

You can telnet to your Accuplus® Server from the internet.

Your customer data is accessible on your web site via http and not https.

You can ftp to your Accuplus® Server from or to the internet.

telnet replacement

USE SSH instead - no cost, download from your OS provider or related web site

http replacement

USE HTTPS instead. Now Site Certificate annual fees are down to $40.

ftp replacement

USE SFTP, SCP, or RSYNC with SSH - all part of SSH

Securing Email

E-Mail must be encrypted when the content requires it. Never send passwords in unencrypted e-mail.

Most mail clients support GPG or PGP for encrypting e-mail.

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