Website Design

Every company needs a presence on the Web. Have us design a professional looking website to your specifications. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), we keep 90% of the formatting separate from the actual content. Changing the look and feel of the website is as simple as changing the style sheet.

Contact Management System

We'd be happy to offer you the very same Contact Management System that we use here at base2co use to keep track of our customers and projects. This web based system allows for multiple users to enter contact information for all your customers or potential customers. In addition, you can track sales calls and all ongoing campaigns so that you always know who needs to be called back, and where you can reach them. We can also configure the website for a secure connection so that your employees on the road can connect and update their contacts.

Secure C3pl

For out third party logistics and distribution warehousing customers we offer a web based interface to Accuplus®. This website/products package will allow you to give your customers Secure controlled Web Access to Accuplus® Reports nearly instantly. Please follow the link to the left for more detailed information on Secure C3pl.

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