Network Design

Do you have a new business that requires a corporate network? Base2co will assess your needs, make recommendations, and provide you with a secure, reliable, available, and scalable network. Our specialization is in making use of Unix/Linux servers to provide network services without the need for expensive licenses. We can configure the network so that the Linux servers operate seamlessly with Windows desktops and applications.

As with everything we do, security is our number one priority. Our philosophy is to create a network with tiered layers of defense. Communications are restricted to secure methods, such as a secure shell. We'll work with you to create a security policy, a set of guidelines to help you and your employees maintain network security.

Reliability. The network must not be prone to failure. Using the same methods in use on our paired servers and private clusters, we can achieve 99.999% uptime. With a backup system in place, even complete simultaneous hardware failure would not result in loss of corporate data.

The network must also be responsive to facilitate efficient work flow as well as be able to grow with your company. By using medium-scale hardware, we can give you responsiveness now, that be expanded upon at anytime, while allowing you to replace hardware every two years with systems often 200% the performance. At lower total cost of ownership than compared to large-scale equipment that is not easily expandable, that you could not afford to replace every two years when systems nearly twice as fast become available.


The total cost of designing and configuring a network is dependant on the size and scope of the operation. Because of that fact, we ask that you please contact us for a quote on network design.

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