Backup Solutions

Data integrity is integral to todays business operations. Having a backup at a geographically different location is the only way to ensure this in case of a major disaster such as flood or fire. By using rsync through a secure shell connection (ssh) we can give you two backups. One on site, the other off site. Backups would consist of an initial full backup of all your data, then daily backups that add to this full backup. Once a week, the full backup will be copied to another location and archived. The next daily backup will not only backup what has changed, but will also remove all files that are no longer out in production. This prevents the full backup from becoming excessively large due to files that no longer exist being included in the backup. In the event you need to recover a deleted file, you only have retrieve it from the last archived backup. Full monthly/yearly backups can be done as well.

On-Site Backup Solution

For an on site backup solution we can pre-configure a Hewlett-Packard Z210 or any Z series Workstation to act as a network mount point for the local backups. Compare to the cost of replacement tapes for the latest tape backup systems for a year which is typically $3000 USD. The added benefit is that the actual backups and recoveries will be quicker than a tape drive system. In the event that total redundancy is required we can ship two of these systems and have them heartbeated so that if one fails, the other will take over.

Off-Site Backup Solution

For an off site backup solution there are multiple options. The first is that we can host the backup on a host at one of our off site locations. Off site backups start at $80 USD/month. The second option is to have us configure an off site server to act as a secure network place. This can be an existing server your company has at a different geographical location. If the CEO of your company wants the backups at his fingertips, we can even set this server up at their house and use their broadband (cable or DSL) internet connection to do the backups.

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