Private Clusters

Don't like to share, but a pair of heartbeated servers won't provide high-availability data access that you need? Get your own private cluster. Enjoy all the benefits of our shared cluster without a shared OS.

High Availability, Redundancy, and Scalability

Private clusters start with five servers. Two work as a redundant load balancing pair, three are redundant RealServers serving your data. Our server clusters are designed with three things in mind. High availability, redundancy, and scalability. What does this mean?

High Availability - One server might not be enough to service requests in a timely manner so you can get on with your businesses operations. By having multiple servers all serving the same data, the server that actually handles the request is chosen on a request by request basis so that the load is spread evenly across the servers.

Redundancy - Our clusters offer you protection from a server failure much like our paired servers. Only better. With Heartbeat, if one RealServer fails, the other two are able to continue handling request while the failed server is repaired. Two load balancers ensures that the failure of one load balancer does not prevent the RealServers from receiving requests.

Scalability - What happens when three RealServers are not enough to handle the load? Simple, we add in another RealServer to the cluster. Typical peak performance occurs at eight (8) RealServers, delivering more than 1.5 terabytes of data per month. This is an alternative to using a single, powerful server that would have to be completely replaced with yet another expensive single, powerful server when the first becomes obsolete.


Dramatically reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by sizing your hardware for your definable needs. No need to predict four years into the future. We recommend purchasing "right fit for now" equipment and upgrade later as needed. A two year cycle of OS and hardware upgrades have shown a 200% to 300% performance boosts in our own racks. When you upgrade, it's across the board - OS, processor, memory, and hard drive space are all improve. Do not forget because the replacement server, it components and OS are all the same vintage you can minimize the chance and impact of incompatibilities.

Private server cluster, configured to your specifications with Linux, and one application. Price includes configuration of high availability and redundancy services. Prices listed are for five (5) servers. Configuration changes once in production, and content updates in the case of websites will be subject to our technical support rates outlined in our billing policy.

Configured Applications

We offer a variety of applications we will configure your private cluster for. The first application comes with the cluster, while additional configured applications will cost $800.00 USD. All servers will come configured for high availability. All configuration is done with an emphasis on security.

• Squid Proxy

• Mail Server

• Apache Web Server

• MySQL Database Server

• Samba File Server


Hosting Options

You can choose managed or unmanaged hosting with us, or we can ship the cluster to you for use at your location. We can build clusters to ship to your location or we can build virtual clusters.

Managed Hosting or Unmanaged Hosting - We'll host the virtual private cluster and take care of configuration and content changes for you. Rates and configuration options vary widely now with cloud hosting. Using the same tools as before we now can balance your traffic across the internet and geographically provide the best service based on your need.

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