Redundant Server Pairs

Don't like to share? We can set your company up with their own private, redundant servers. One server will be live, while the second acts as a hot spare. Ready to take over in an emergency.

Get a Pair of Servers

Why not a single server? Years of experience have taught us: A single point of failure always equals down-time. Server failures, upgrades and maintenance during off-hours can double labor costs and during peak-hours upset business. With a hot spare in-place - problem solved.

High Availability Through Heartbeat

By using Heartbeat your two servers will be in constant communication with each other. When one ceases to communicate, the second knows it's time to take over. This redundancy allows a complete failure of one server to result in only seconds of down time.


Dramatically reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by sizing your hardware for your definable needs. No need to predict four years into the future. We recommend purchasing "right fit for now" equipment and upgrade later as needed. A two year cycle of OS and hardware upgrades have shown a 200% to 300% performance boosts in our own racks. When you upgrade, it's across the board - OS, processor, memory, and hard drive space are all improve. Do not forget because the replacement server, it components and OS are all the same vintage you can minimize the chance and impact of incompatibilities.

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