In today's business world, minutes of downtime can cost you thousands of dollars in sales. It is vital to business operations that you are made aware of any problems with your hardware when they happen. Through constant monitoring we are able to react quickly to any problems, as well as forsee potential problems in the future.

The minimal level of monitoring we offer is hardware failure monitoring. There are already measures in place to have the failure of a server in one of our clusters cause another to takeover. With monitoring, you'll be made aware of hardware failures at the same time we are.

The next level of monitoring includes specific hardware monitoring. Processor usage, memory usage, and disk space read/write activity can all be monitored so that you have a clear picture of the state of your hardware needs. For example, if you have a private cluster and it's noticed that memory usage on the individual real servers is often above 75%, it may be time to add more memory to the cluster.

Coupled with the ease of scalability that's inherent to our clusters, you'll have a highly available system, resistant to hardware failures, that tells you when it's time for repairs or upgrades.

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