LVS - Linux Virtual Server - High Availability Clusters and Redundant Server Pairs

High Availability

Load Balanced Server Clusters virtually eliminate down time. Use UltraMonkey and LVS to save your company a bundle. Have base2co configure and ship your cluster.

Load Balancing

Load balancing allows a cluster of servers to appear and operate as one to the end user. Load balancing:

• Eliminates a single point of failure

• Increases performance by decreasing the load on individual servers

• Works with nearly any OS that supports TCP or UDP


Using the Heartbeat protocol, paired load balancers and firewalls operate with their own redundancy. Heartbeating can be extended to any type of server as required.


Excellent security protection starts with redundant firewalls. Followed by redundant load balancers. Additionally, we use Host Based firewalling to redundantly define rules that allow, deny and optionally log traffic between hosts and subnets within a cluster. Further, we create three physically separate switched networks:

• The DMZ Network

• Private RealServer Network

• Private Internal Network

Database/Drive Sharing

Depending on your application requirements, we have a solution to your database and drive space needs. It can be as simple as including a master/slave database setup on the cluster, or it could be a dedicated, redundant database or file server behind the cluster. The setup is totally dependant on your applications and needs. Working with us, we can come up with a solution that gives you the combination of availability and redundancy you desire.

System and Network Monitoring

Let us configure mon for you to use. Get all the benefits of expensive retail packages in one Linux package.

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