Information Security

Why Information Security?

Businesses use information technology to gain a competitive edge, but this reliance on IT increases vulnerability. To help protect you and your company from costly exposures, you need security offerings that will help protect your data, help prevent unauthorized users from accessing and using your digital identification, and help secure your wired and wireless communications.

What would an exposure cost you? We can help you develop this protection.

Key Aspects of Information Security

In terms of general good practice, institutions must be able to rely on the three key aspects of information security:

Availability - Knowing that the information can always be accessed

Integrity - Knowing that the information is accurate and up-to-date and has not been deliberately or inadvertently modified from a previously approved version

Confidentiality - Knowing that sensitivity information can be accessed only by those authorized to do so

Security breaches, often involving prominent commercial organizations, are reported periodically in the press and often generate substantial publicity. Such incidents tend to fuel the popular conception that the major threat to information security comes from hostile attacks perpetrated via the Internet. Although there is some truth in this, the picture which it paints is highly oversimplified. Electronic information is at risk for a whole variety of reasons: natural disasters, failure of man-made equipment and services, and accidental as well as malicious acts by human beings. Since neither the systems themselves nor those who operate them can ever be totally reliable, what this means in fact is that the business must be able to react promptly and appropriately to any security incident and restore its information systems to their normal operational state in an acceptable period of time. We can help you develop this recovery system.

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