Cow Parsnip found in Parks - Grand Island NY

Thursday, Jun 29 2017
Cow Parsnip at Buckhorn Park, Grand Island, NY

Cow parsnip dangers.

Found along trails in both Beaver Island and Buchkhorn Island Parks on Grand Island. Do not touch these plants unless you are protected. For some reason the parks do not think this plant is invasive, yet I do not remember them as a child growing up here. Since they are growing in the parks it is illegal to kill or harvest them. Ridiculous!

Contains furanocoumarins (fyur-a-no-coo-MAR-inz), phototoxic chemicals which are activated by ultraviolet rays in sunlight. If sap gets on skin, and is then exposed to sunlight, it can cause a blistering itchy rash. Skin reactions caused by furanocoumarins take a long time to heal, sometimes months, and may even leave scars.

Phytophotodermatitis (PPD) is a cutaneous phototoxic inflammatory eruption resulting from contact with light-sensitizing botanical substances and long-wave ultraviolet A (UV-A, 320-380 nm) radiation

Edible - but be very careful harvesting

Wild Edibles: How to Harvest and Cook Cow Parsnip Greens

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