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Friday, Aug 6 2010
Buffalo Commercial Printing, and Direct Mailing Services, and photography - Zenger Group: Serving New York, Toronto, and Erie County.

The Zenger Group website was ported to the base2co CMS and went live on Friday.

This website includes our latest feature - Hierarchical menus using the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) menu system. We’ve taken the YUI menu one step further and SEO optimized it for our customers.

The Zenger website has had some optimization done prior to this move. Now we have completed optimization and added a News page that will get linked to social networks like facebook and twitter. From here we will establish a baseline with Google search. Then plan and execute an effective strategy to improve results for new and existing keywords.

The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Menu makes menus very portable to all browsers.

• Any item or page can be added to the menu.

• Any menu item can have sub-menus.

• Style is handled via CSS and sprite images.

Dynamic menus like this should only be used by sites that have large amounts of content. This is because items in submenus will not be ranked as well by search engines (compared to normal visible links). In this case we were matching and improving rank of the existing site. Both sites were pure CSS so the conversion was rather simple (except for testing in IE 6 and 7).

About Zenger Group

Buffalo, N.Y.-based Zenger Group provides timely and smart managed solutions for graphic and marketing communications since 1980. With the addition of Boncraft, the company has 120 employees in four divisions at five facilities. Its portfolio of services include: photography; creative design; electronic pre-press; small, medium and large-format offset printing; variable-data and on-demand digital printing; packaging; and direct mail processing.

base2co CMS upgrade goes Live

Tuesday, Jul 13 2010

Our latest CMS version is now live. Included in this upgrade is the use of animated YUI menus. The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Menu makes menus very portable to all browsers.

• Any item or page can be added to the menu.

• Any menu item can have sub-menus.

• Style is handled via CSS and sprite images.

Dynamic menus like this should only be used by sites that have tons of content. Items in submenus will not get the attention from spiders. We have search engine optimized the top menu choices which should always be linked to a page with relevant content and links contained in its submenu.

Since complex menus are still not traversed, spidered and ranked as well as an "h1 a href" you should keep your links simple and well keyworded outside of this menu to get higher rank in search.

The Zenger Group website uses this new menu system (replacing the one you see currrently) and will be going live after we complete the final site review.

January 2010 upgrade information

For the release of the Branches of Niagara Campground and Resort web site we added the YUI Carousel and improved photo sizing and storage. Branches of Niagara uses the carousel on its home page and 2 carousels in the photo gallery.

I like the carousel for many many reasons, here are a few:

•  Images can easily be loaded and managed by the owner of the website.

•  Advertisements and other text can be placed in them.

•  It doesn't use Flash so it works on an iPhone and will be spidered by search engines.

Niacet Emulsifier and Optimization Update Complete

Monday, May 3 2010
Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate - Bakery Emulsifier by Niacet Corporation - New Product goes Live

Niacet Corporation began producing the Emulsfiers: Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate and Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate. The product launch is now live on the website and optimization across the site has been completed to reflect these changes.

As Niacet only produces a handful of products compared to the other global chemical corporations, their web competition is fierce. Niacet uses AdWords as well as optimization to ensure you see Niacet whenever you search for chemicals they produce.

We also updated optimization for existing products across the board. Calcium Propionate should be back on the first page soon.

Oribe Product Line goes Live for Excuria !

Wednesday, Apr 21 2010
Oribe Hair Care Products - At Excuria Salon and Med Spa - Serving Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Western New York

Optimized to dominate local search and global search via Google products and great site optimization. This extremely competitive Web Ad Market is tough to crack. We were able to to this back in 2005 and 2006 with the Sebastian Evokativ Hair Care products. We're out to do it again.

Oribe, the eponymous product line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, defines luxury in hair care.

These are the products of the hair-obsessed.

Buy in our Salon and Spa or on-line

Branches of Niagara goes Live!

Wednesday, Jan 13 2010
Camping near Niagara Falls - Branches of Niagara Campground just up river and minutes away.

Camping close to Niagara Falls just got better! Branches of Niagara opens this Spring. A combined effort of many helped bring this this site together. Look for Branches of Niagara on Facebook too, and become a fan.

Their 70-acre park-like setting is a beautiful mix of forests and meadows with an 8-acre lake! Plenty of space for you and your family to explore and enjoy.

You can spend your day sightseeing at Niagara Falls, fishing and boating on our lake or the Niagara River or just sit and relax lakeside.

They have a gorgeous heated swimming pool, games for the whole family, and, of course, our immaculately maintained camping facilities.

Zenger Websites move to base2co cluster

Wednesday, Dec 16 2009
Commercial Printers Serving in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Western New York - Zenger Group

Zenger Group has moved their websites to the base2co cluster. Our servers handle job submissions and seamlessly transfer files throughout the day to the Zenger Group servers.

Zenger Group has been an innovative force in the printing industry for over 25 years by always looking for new technologies to provide a superior product for its clients. Through acquisitions and solid business practices it has grown to be one of Western New York’s leaders in print and direct-mail services.

Zenger Group, in partnership with our clients and the community, is committed to being the leader in the information service industry. We strive to meet our clients’ highest expectations and to make our service as valuable to them as their business is to us.


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